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Top 5 Best exercises to lose weight(2021)

Updated: Jan 26

Every year many teenagers and adults want to lose weight and come in perfect shape. But now-a-days gyms and physique programs are getting expensive. So, there is the best exercise to lose weight fast.

IMPORTANCE OF DOING EXERCISE-Regular exercise can improve your muscle strength, increase flexibility, increase immunity power and endurance. Regular exercise reduce the risks of developing various diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases.

1.Running or Jogging

Running and Jogging are best exercise to lose weight.

  • Although they seem similar, but the difference is of pace, jogging pace range is 4 to 6 mph and running pace range is more than 6mph.

  • Running and jogging both are good exercise for cardio and for lose weight. It burn bad fats surrounded on muscles.

  • At beginning, target to run for 10-20 mins and run for 3-4 times week for best results.

  • 20 mins of running can burn between 240–360 calories, or 15 calories per minutes.

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2. Walking

Walking is one of the best exercise to lose weight. Walking is one of the best exercise for overall fitness.

  • Walking increases cardiovascular & pulmonary fitness and it reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

  • Walking make bone healthier and strong. Walking increases endurance and strength.

  • Walking increases stamina and reduce belly fat. Improved management of conditions such as high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain, and diabetes.

  • 30 mins of walking can burn 149 calories.

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Yoga is best exercise for physical and mental fitness. It is the best method to keep you in shape and out of diseases.

Yoga increases flexibility. Improves respiration, energy and vitality, athletic health, cardio health.


1.Chaturangadand Asana-Plank Pose

This asana is best way to strengthen your core.

2.Virabhadr Asana-Warrior Pose

It helps in toning your thighs and shoulders, as well as improving your concentration.

3.Trikona Asana-Triangle Pose

It helps to improve digestion as well as reduce the belly & waist fat.

4.Adho Mukha Svan Asana-Downward Dog Pose

It tones your whole body. It helps to strengthen your arms, thighs, hamstring, and back.

5.Bhujang Asana

It stretches muscles in shoulders, chest and abdominal. It also reduce body fat.

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Cycling target the abdominal and lower part of your body. Cycling is best to increases stamina, endurance and also helps to reduce weight. It helps to reduce belly fat, hips fat, thigh fat and calves fat.


  • It improves mental health.

  • It boosts immune power.

  • It helps in losing weight.

  • It helps to builds muscles.

  • It improves navigational skills.

Cycling improves your heart, lungs and circulation, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. 1hour of cycling can burn 540 calories.

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Swimming is best for losing weight without getting tired. How you swim affect how many calories you burn.


  • It improves flexibility.

  • It improves control and coordination between muscles.

  • It improves posture.

  • It reduce body fat.

  • It builds endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

  • It tones muscles.

For 130 pound person-Freestyle fast swimming for one hour will burn 590 calorie and slow swimming burn 413 calories in 1hour.

For 155-pound person-Freestyle fast swimming for one hour will burn 704 and slow swimming burn 493 calories in 1 hour.

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